Recommended Resources


Anti-Virus  The software we use at the Crawley Computer Centre on all our PC’s is from AVG you can download a free copy at  they also have a paid version and other products such as spyware removal. 

Spreadsheet If you are looking for an alternative to excel for spreadsheets then download a free copy of Open Office which looks similar to the Microsoft Office program but without the £200 price tag.




Tools for creating websites.

Web page editors

There are many web page editors but one of the best as a free version is from NVU.  Their latest edition is called Komposer and can be downloaded from


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Software

If you need to upload files to your web site then a great wasy to use FTP software is Core this can be downloaded at


Best Search engine ranking tool on the market!


Get yourself ranked number one in google in days, in fact you can even make a business out of it by helping others to do the same start today!


Resourses for the new marketer.

If you are looking to start an online business and you are fairly new on the net then I would reccomend Ewan Chia’s super Afilliate program as the best place to start .  The topics covered range from choosing a domain right up to creating video and adding a shopping cart to your site and everything in between.  Not only do you have everything explained in detail but there are tons of  video tutorials which make life easier for new affiliates as you can watch over someones shouldr and replay anything you are not sure of. This is the place I have found to be contain the most comprehensive information all under one roof.

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