Originally this website was created to assist our customers at the Crawley Computer Centre where we diagnose, repair, upgrade and build bespoke Computers.At the Crawley Computer Centre we found computer owners would ask the same questions for example, “can you give me sometips on buying a second user computer”, or “how do I clean my hard drive”,  or “what is the best way of speeding up my computer?  


            We decided the best way of answering these questions would be to Create a site where people could find the answers to these questions.  From here the site began to grow, as we get new questions we add more pages to the site.On this site you will find useful computer related information, such as video tutorials, FREE software and articles on programs.




We hope you enjoy the information contained and if you feel you have computer related
information that would be useful for our readers then please submit your article for approval.
Please allow 48 hours (excluding weekends) for it to be reviewed and go live.Each and every month we add useful computer related information to this website which
is totally FREE to our members.  To access the video tutorials you need to be a Join the
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